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Additional Insured… What’s the Big Deal?

Additional Insured, What’s the Big Deal?

Providing a customer or potential customer with a certificate of insurance is not the same thing as providing a certificate which by endorsement grants a customer additional insured status on your policy. So what’s the difference? A certificate of insurance is merely a snapshot of policies and coverage limits on the date the certificate was provided. A certificate with an additional insured endorsement grants the additional insured specific rights to your policy.

The purpose of the additional insured endorsement is to reinforce the indemnity obligation of one business, organization, or person to another. Said plainly, it is a method of transferring risk from one business to another. If an additional insured is sued due to their sub-contractors negligence the sub-contractor may be responsible for funding the defense costs and settlement of property and/or bodily injury damages. Being an additional insured is only a method of ensuring a sub-contractor has reasonable ability to pay if liable for defense costs and damages.

There is a common trend forming in the service and construction industry. General Contractors, Lessors, and Property Managers are frequently asking for every indemnification under the sun. I’ve reviewed several contracts this year that attempted to reach far beyond what a pool tech should accept responsibility for. Keep in mind, granting additional insured status does not enhance or alter the actual coverage provided by your policy. Far reaching agreements may create coverage gaps leaving your business exposed. For example, one agreement I reviewed required that a pool tech accept responsibility for ongoing ADA compliance in and around the pool area. What does ADA compliance have to do with maintaining water chemistry? Nothing!

Dilution of limits is another concern that comes to mind. Most standard commercial general liability policies are occurrence based, the policy triggered in the event of a covered claim is the policy that was in effect at the time of the occurrence, not necessarily when the occurrence was reported to the insurance company. This is important because damages may not be discovered or reported right away. CPA doesn’t have a shared limit policy, our members enjoy their own limits of insurance. For those business owners in our industry who do have a shared limit policy, think about the potential risk. The coverage afforded by the policy limits could be shared amongst the association, chapter, and additional insureds. How do those business owners even know how much coverage is left under each policy year?

The bottom line is contracts are negotiations, read them carefully and pay attention to what responsibilities you assume. If you use sub-contractors, require a certificate from them that specifically lists your business as an additional insured. That way you’ll know if their insurance cancels. Also, all additional insured endorsements are not created equal. Send us a copy and we’ll review it with you.

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Inszone – our valued partner

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Handy Handrail tips from Larry’s Pool Service

“Welcome to all members of California Pool Association. We are on our way to becoming the top insurance provider in our industry. We will be attracting new members at all the best trade shows across America. Our industry was in need of a provider with insight into what type of coverage each business large or individual needs to safely operate, whether it be service repair or remodel. On occasion I will try to provide information on projects some of our companies will be dealing with.” – Larry Walters

Handrails and grab-rails. All rails are designed to be bonded with #8 bond wire. This wire is a continuous loop connected to all equipment the pool shell the light and the hand rails and grab-rails. This is to prevent from electrical shock when entering and exiting a body of water. This is not the same as grounding. I have replaced numerous rails that have not been bonded. This occurs often when you are required to change the spa handrail to a dual 3 bend. Most rails are attached to a permasocket that has a bond wire attached. Many rails are cemented directly into the decking. A permasocket is designed with a pinch bolt under the chrome cover to tighten down the rail. The decking must be cut the socket removed you need to cut the existing bond wire. If necessary add a split nut to add a extension piece of bond wire. Usually this needs to be done for ease of placement. This bond wire will need to be added to both rails, One method i use is to saw cut a line with a grinder to the expansion joint. Manipulate the bond wire into the cut and expansion joint between the coping and decking. Cut another line to the location of the additional dual 3 bend rails. Permasockets have an attachment point for the bond wire. There are additional methods to attach the bond wire that work great. There are county codes specific to the placement of the rail as it relates to the front edge of the last step the height of the rail measured from the front edge of steps. Check with your county for the spec sheet. If you don’t find a bond wire you have a few options. You can remove more gunite to get a piece of the pool shell and attach a bond clamp. You need to be careful not to punch through the plaster unless it is a re plaster. You can install high quality plastic rails that do not require bonding but check with your local county Health Dept. They also do not get hot to the touch a nice feature in the Desert climates. Your finish rails should be set level i use high strength fast set concrete. Remember bonding the rails is important. It protects you your client and your insurance.

-Larry Walters Pool Service

The Story of Service Industry News

For nearly 30 years, one pool and spa industry publication has been written and edited solely to promote the educational interests of the professional service and repair technician.

Service Industry News was the brainchild of David Dickman and Bob Lowry, both industry professionals although they came from different segments — one a publications’ professional and the other a chemist.

After a career as the features editor at the Valley News in Southern California, David was a copywriter in the advertising profession until the early 1980s when he became the editor and Publisher of Pool & Spa News. Bob sold Leisure Time Chemicals in the mid-1980s and was seeking avenues to promote industry education.

The two met at an industry event and the idea for a publication that catered specifically to the needs for the service segment of the industry was developed.

After about a year of planning and setting up the business end of the business, Service Industry News debuted in January of 1986.

Filled with solid, unbiased articles on water chemistry, equipment installation, repair and trouble-shooting and educational opportunities for a segment of the industry that truly wanted and needed the information, the twice-monthly publication was an immediate success story.

Working with but not for industry associations and trade show organizers, Service Industry News fulfilled a need that — not coincidentally — led to a dramatic increase in professionalism in the service segment of the pool and spa industry.

And that good idea that produced Service Industry News nearly 30 years ago is still alive today. That is not to say that everything has remained the same over the years.

Books on water chemistry were published that are still used today to help train service professionals. The company bought the rights to a consumer-oriented book that after updating is still one of the most popular ever sold in the industry.

David bought out Bob’s portion of the company in the 1990s. The paper transitioned to a paid-circulation publication. And three years ago, David and his wife Janice decided to retire. They transferred the day-to-day operations of the publication to a long-time family friend and employee, Carolyn Dibrell.

Carolyn had been running the circulation and publication sales division for several years. She has a master’s degree in economics and teaches micro and macro economics at Saddleback Community College in Southern California.

She also has a rather large family of equally gifted and well-educated individuals who have joined her on the production team.

Marcelle Dibrell has a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from UCLA and writes a good portion of the editorial material appearing in each issue. Jeanette Dibrell, who holds a master’s degree in English, writes the popular products’ section “Show & Tell.” Diane Dibrell, who works with circulation and group sales, has a master’s degree in education.

Two long-time employees of the company are still plying their trade with the company. Doug Walsh, who began as a writer in 1988, is now the publication’s editor and looks after the website at Lisa Lacey is the publication’s advertising manager, a position she has enjoyed and excelled at for nearly 20 years.

Both have advance college degrees as well. Doug has a B.A. in journalism and a master’s in communication arts. Lisa has a nursing degree, a B.S. in health care management and an M.P.A. in public administration.

The entire team is still dedicated to the publication’s original mission: bringing the best information for and about the pool and spa service industry to its more than 10,000 readers nationwide.

New Program Gaining Traction!

CPA Truck Insurance – Success Stories!

Since launching our Truck Insurance programs, we’ve seen some awesome success stories. We helped these members put hundreds and in some cases thousands back in their pockets simply by sending us their current policy for an easy quote. Check out what that’s led to:

San Fernando Valley

Owner/operator – 1 Pickup Truck

Previous Policy: $100K in liability coverage + Physical damage on 2016 Pickup = $1,635/year

Policy through CPA: $300K in liability coverage + Physical damage on same truck/coverages = $1,005/year


Owner/operator – 11 Pickup Trucks

Previous Policy: – $27,600/year

Policy through CPA: $24,150 same coverages and policy


Owner/Operator – 1 Pickup Truck

Previous Policy: $1 mil liability + Physical Damage on 2013 pickup truck = $1,378/year

Policy through CPA: $1 Mil liability + Physical damage + coverage enhancements on same truck = $1,172/year

San Bernardino

Owner/operator – 1 Pickup Truck

Previous Policy: : $1 Mil Liability + Physical Damage on 2014 Pickup Truck = $1970/year

Policy through CPA: $1 Mil and all coverages the same = $1,269/year

We’ve literally been batting a thousand with every quote, and best thing is it’s a 5 min call. Let us help increase your protection and lower your costs, get your no hassle truck insurance quote through CPA today!

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