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    We are the association for California's pool and spa professionals.

    A side module position existing outside of the main wrapper, configurable to be either permanently fixed, or via a slider.

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    No monthly membership dues with all of the benefits!

    RokSprocket benefits from a wide range of different layout modes, several themes, and many configuration options.

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    Comprehensive, affordable coverage with lots of options.

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Insurance Coverage

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Get information on coverage and pricing for general liability insurance.

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The benefits that CPA members receive would not be possible without our partners.

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Terri Saved $10k

"Dear Pat,
I just signed the documents and also added the effective date of May 1!! I have canceled (my previous) insurance...Thanks so much and also for making it so easy."
Terri Hooper, CCC Pool Services, Inc.

Exceeded Expectations

"Pat Grignon has exceeded my expectations for my insurance needs in several ways; he is thorough in explaining things, he responds quickly to my questions, and found me exactly what I needed for all my business insurance needs. I am a part of CPA #2 and we recently made the switch to Inszone Insurance. I am so glad we did because the insurance is better and less expensive. Pat also came over to my office and quickly got me me truck insurance in only a few days after I had been trying to get a quote from 6 or 7 other insurance companies for over 2 months time. I was truly impressed out how quickly Pat got me a very fair quote for my pool cleaning trucks!"

Ben Aguirre Ben'z Pool Biz, Inc. CPA #2

Great Service!

"Dear Tatiana,
Your company offers great service! I really appreciate it!"
Maria, Kev's Pool Maintenance Service, Inc.